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Here's my plexiglass cupcake tower that my Dad did last month. I used it to hold a 2-tier cake on the topmost plate, and 200 cupcakes on the rest of the plates. Top tier is 10" and the bottom tier is 34", if i'm not mistaken. We sort of followed the design of the big cupcake tree from, but in plexiglass. We also used a 4" pipe as the middle pole so I can put different decors depending on the theme (christmas balls, plastic fruits, flowers, pinecones,...
Check Duff Goldman's buttercream recipe online. I read somewhere that it's also called French Buttercream. Just add chocolate, i guess. Last week I made Duff's recipe but added sugar free strawberry preserve because my client wanted strawberry flavored filling that's not jam-like. It was yummy! I'm actually wondering if i can do a cream cheese version of it too. Anyone who has done something like this (in cream cheese flavor)?HTH!
i'm trying to make red velvet cake using the cake mix doctor recipe. it calls for a german chocolate cake mix and vanilla pudding mix. the only german chocolate cake mix i found in the store was betty crocker but it's box said "pudding in the mix". Do i still add vanilla pudding when preparing my batter?help! i'm supposed to make the cake today. thanks!
Hi!I purchased an impression mat and would like to use it to design nfsc. The package says I can use buttercream and fondant. Question is, can i use it on royal icing too? I'd like to use Antonia's royal icing but i'm not sure if i can use an impression mat on it.Help!Thanks for your help guys!
Hi SHogg! This carriage is really nice. I have a baby shower cake due in two weeks and would love to know how you made this carriage...especially the wheels and the top part. I don't know if you already made a template or instructions. If you have, please send me an email @ .Thanks!
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