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I am open to change and think I will get used to it. After all I got used to it when I first started coming to cake central..I just have my favourite site now and it's like a new adventure all over again.
I think that would be a fabulous idea. Maybe put hand prints on the cake in lustre dust or food colour paint.
Copha would be it and i think the store in melbourne (which post out) has the american shortening. Because their shortening is softer than our copha. Copha doesn't taste bad though. It is quite nice. Hth
I love love love your cakes. I do think she was rude and there are other ways of declining politely. Wish you were my cousin offering a cake up like that with delivery attached.
Everyone seems to love ice cream
lol a wreckerator is a decorator that wrecks cakes. I've done ice cream cakes from home too. I put the mixed ice cream in a lined tin with glad wrap (seran wrap??) and let it set then used buttercream to decorate as normal. I did crush biscuits with marshmallow and used as a base like a cheesecake also cake as well. HTH
Does 20 dollars cover the cost of the ingredients of a cake for 40?Ingredients are flipping expensive.
I have had a little since I'm a baskins Wrecerator (term from here). What did you want to know?
Very nicely done. Loved it.
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