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I also love Italian cream cake, and sweet potato spice cake with cream cheese buttercream. A less common pairing is almond cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese buttercream. Mmmmm
Has anyone used Jody F's thick caramel filling to cover apples? I have made it a few times for filling cakes and it is great. Gets very thick so I thought it might make a great alternative to melting down store bought caramels.
In case anyone wanted to know, the black smbc piping on white smbc worked out perfectly. No bleeding anywhere. In July, in NC! I did keep it chilled and boxed before delivery.
I guess Oregon and Ohio are very different in the summer than North Carolina. I have seen the buttercream slide right off the side of a cake in our temps and humidity! Also, I use butter in my buttercream, so maybe that is why it is less stable. I wish you luck!
I work in a bakery where we make tons of filled cakes everyday. If I had to use soft, floppy, crumbling layers I would shoot myself! But, I assume they are paying you by the hour, so whatever Right! I actually think that wrapping and freezing cake makes it better! 
Let me just start with the 90 degrees outside issue. I don't think that even a single tiered cake will fare well outside in that kind of heat! It will melt/sweat/weep, and possibly the layers will start to slide off of each other.  Is there any way it can be kept in a/c or a cooler with cold packs until it's time for cutting?   If so, then as far as filling goes, you could mix raspberry puree into buttercream. That is tasty and easy, and stable.    I think that black...
A 7" would look better IMO, but a 6" would look fine too. I wish I knew of a site where you could look at the differences, but maybe someone does and they will answer! 
It's nothing difficult or fancy, but is all buttercream and I really liked doing this cake. 
I actually got the SMBC to go black! First I started with cocoa powder (because the cake inside will be chocolate anyway), and then I added a combo of powdered black color and gel super black. It worked. Now to see if it bleeds into the white SMBC. I feel like it is safer to use the black SMBC rather than royal, but I could be wrong! 
Cream cheese icing is great on lemon cake! Cream cheese Swiss meringue would be even better.
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