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Thank you!!!!
Just wanted to post a pic of my finished product for the bar mitzvah cake I made. Thanks for everyone's help!
Yeah. I am pretty much unable to figure out the support unless the balls are just dowelled into the cakes.
Trying to figure out they put these balls in between the cake tiers.  Just about to buy the Cake Stackers system to make topsy turvy cake and want to cover the space and rod between the tiers.  Is there a rod somewhere here behind the balls?  how did they do this?  
I cover all of my rice krispie figures with candy melts first, like 2 coats and and i basically use the warmth of my hands to smooth is out as best i can.  Then i spray it with water or use a little piping gel and cover with fondant.  hope that helps.
I totally realize that it is food and is edible.  The children unfortunately won't even have access to eat the letters on the cake.  It will be displayed for a candle lighting ceremony during which my son will be the only one near the cake and then, the cake gets wheeled out by the caterer and is sliced for adults to eat.  The children will have a candy/dessert table during which they will fill bags with an absurd amount of candy; they sadly probably won't even realize the...
Yeah, I will actually use this stacking system for all of my cakes afterwards. It makes them so sturdy and easier to deliver!
I wouldn't have the kids eat the letters bc they are going to have so many other dessert options. I just want it to sparkle!
Excellent. So does the pate choux get hard by baking it longer or leaving it out to harden?
I didn't write DESPERATE to get attention bc of time crunch I wrote it bc I need to buy all products and have a plan bc his bar mitzvah has a million other components that I need to worry about. I am definitely going to try that pate choux bc it sounds pretty neat. I can color it, right? Can I put disco dust on it too? It seems like it would be too soft to be able to stick out of a cake? Also, I'm definitely going to use the cake stackers system for support as it...
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