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Thank you so much!! I'm pretty sure that ganache would be perfect for what I need it for, so I'm really glad to hear that it doesn't have to sit overnight!Thanks again!
Hi,I am wondering what the best recipe is to make a creamy (or gooey) chocolate filling. From what I have read - usually people recommend using ganache - but I don't have time to leave it sit overnight (which I'm pretty sure is what I read I would have to do). I need something I can make and use. I appreciate any suggestions!TIA,Valerie
Hi,I'm not sure what kind of frog you're looking to make (realistic or cartoonish) - but if you google 'how to make a gumpaste frog' there are quite a few tutorials (some with pictures & some with video). Also, in the galleries there are a lot of frog figures - maybe you could PM someone and ask how they did theirs??HTH,Valerie.
What a nice way to display his work! You can really see the progress that way! Thanks for sharing.
His hat is red. (My boys watch that show every day!) HTH
Hi,Both of these are great tutorials!www.thomasthetankenginecake.blogspot.comand also you can download instructions at this link:,Valerie.
This is a link to the site I found it on.
Hi,I don't know how right this information is (or if it is what you were looking for) but maybe it'll help (I found it through a google search)! this helps!Valerie.
Thanks! I think I'll give it a try on my next cake!
Hi,Hope you don't mind me "butting in" to your thread, but I was just wondering what the purpose of steaming the fondant is? Might be a silly question, but does it make it smoother, or is it for a certain look? Thanks,Valerie.
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