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Let us know how they turn out! I am anxious to find out....
Me too!!! I'd looove to be on "the list." Wow, we'e all special, we are on Gemini's list... Lol!
Not to hijack or anything, but since we are on the topic of crappy family members...My Uncle's wife, (I refer to her as that because she is NOT, I repeat NOT, my aunt) whom I will refer to as V, is a horrible person. I believe that is the nicest thing I have said about her, but anywho...I didn't attend the Mother's Day dinner that my Mom and her family went to, but when we saw her, I asked how everything went. First she complains and says that she got stuck sitting next...
Thanks for all the congrats! I will have to think up a name...hmmm....perhaps Snowball??? LOL!!!
Count me in too!!! I would love to get together!I am in Valley Station, but I go to Louisville Cake and Candy Supply. Their address is:7317 Saint Andrews Church Rd Louisville, KY 40214 502-368-3600If you are coming from Dixie, it is right before the light at Palatka on the right hand side. I believe the website is the same as the name .com. Super nice ladies there!
So I just got a Kitchenaid mixer. Yes, I know, I have been in the stoneages. Well, actually more like the 70's using my grandmother's old Sunbeam, but it finally went kapoot. I mean seriously, the only speeds I had were on and I went to Sears to find a Kitchenaid and what do ya know they had one on clearance for $130!!! I brought that puppy home and put it to work. I have to say I looove it already!!!
That cake is goregous and worth waaay more than $35! I would def give her an itemized list of the cost of ingredients and politely ask when you are getting the remaining $15. That's the least she could give you!!!
Hi! Newbie here!I want to make a cake for my diabetic grandma and have been researching diabetic buttercream faux icings. Are there any recipes out there that don't have to be refrigerated? IE, not using whipping cream. I will not be in town and my mother will take this to the family dinner held at a restaurant. Thanks so much!!!
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