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I got a cute house-shaped bundt pan and I want to make a gingerbread cake for the kids to decorate. Anyone have a good recipe? Should probably be dense like a pound cake...
My son has decided that he wants a pirate theme for his 3rd B'day. He loves cupcakes so I want to do a cupcake tower. I did a google search and found these...[img][/img]I really love those cupcakes but I can't tell what the skulls are made of. Can anyone help me out?My other question is can I make chocolate coins and paint them gold with luster dust or is there a better way to do it?? TIA!
I just saw this... do you think? I wonder what it will cost...
I need to make a cake for an 8 yr old boy who loves skateboarding. I am hoping someone can tell me how to make a 3D skateboard cake, something simple but cool looking. Thanks in advance!
WOW!!! That is amazing! Not sure I could pull it off but I would love to try! I will send you my email! Thanks!Patty, I would love to see your cake too!
My friends little girl wants a cake in this theme... I was hoping to make an Eiffel Tower for the top somehow. Has anyone done something similar that could give me advice or is there some kind of pattern, mold, or tutorial out there? TIA,Emily
Where can I buy it? Do any major chain stores carry it?
WOW!!! Those are awesome! You both did a great job!
Yes!!! Thank you!!!
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