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There is a new block clikstix font now available that is slightly bigger than the tappits. Straight to the wish list!
I carefully cut it straight (to avoid added fraying), and backed it with contac paper.  Before applying it to the cake, I used tape strips to try to remove any lingering 'lint.'  My bride was happy.
I regularly do 4 mixes. I start with the mix, eggs and oil. Keep it on the lowest speed and gradually add water. Stop and & scrape beforeadding the last 1/2 cup.
Mine has always done that. I put a washcloth or a piece of non-slip under it...or just put it on the floor since that's where it's trying to go
I save all my plastic Reynolds cupcake containers. Set the cupcake on the lid and use the container as the top. They're quite handy for single cupcakes.
I find it easiest to: print out the picture on regular printer paper. Trace over it w/a Sharpie on the front. Turn it over and go over the lines with black frosting. Turn over and press onto cake. Some of the frosting may stick to the paper, but it will still leave a imprint. If you'll be spraying your cake, imprint it this way first. Hope this helps.
You could put a piece of non-slip under your cakes to hold them in place.
add some gel color to vodka (the cheap stuff)
If you only need the cookies to be one color, I'd dip them, smooth off the excess, clean up the edge. Otherwise, you'll want to do a 'dam' and let it dry for a few minutes before flooding. The first way is so much faster!
The last time I needed flesh tone, I made ivory and light pink separately.Then I added the pink to the ivory until I was happy.
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