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Does the middle tier look like Wilton rose gel to you? Or do you think it's got another color mixed in with it? Thanks!  
Thanks everyone! I was thinking I would need about 15 bottles?!? I am covering the whole cake because she wants it to look like snow (not crazy about the design, but hey, it's what she wants, lol). Those bottles are only 8 ounces so just for the 16 inch tier cake, I'm thinking at least 4 bottles? I actually prefer the sanding sugar as opposed to the sparkling sugar because the sparkling sugar is more course. I will also be adding edible glitter to the sanding sugar to...
I need to cover a 6, 9, 12 and 16 inch cake with sanding sugar but am trying to figure out how much I need? Anyone care to take a guess? :-
Thanks for the suggestion! I had to make 15 batches of smbc and I thought the same thing you did, I covered the remaining batches with Saran Wrap but I still had some turn yellow? Darn!
Thanks! That might be one reason however I had some smbc in my kitchen aid bowl which was off white but the next day it turned yellowish? The next batch I made *didnt* turn yellow even though I made it the exact same way. So frustrating, lol!
Just wondering if anyone knows why smbc start to turn yellow after several hours? The frustrating part is it's not very consistent as it can look a bit mottled at times. The only way I can see to prevent this is to used organic butter. Does American buttercream yellow as well?
For the first time, I had an order for an all buttercream wedding cake. The bride liked the fact that I only used butter in my buttercream (my recipe is SMBC). I told her it wouldn't be white, which she was fine with. At any rate, after I iced and decorated the cake, I noticed there were some areas that took on a more "yellowish" appearance after about 24 hours or so? I never really noticed this before since all my cakes are covered in fondant. Does anyone know if...
  I am making this wedding cake but am a bit nervous. I usually only do fondant covered cakes but the bride wants something very traditional. She also does not like fondant so I am doing SMBC with scrolls. My question is what is the best way to do scroll work? I don't feel comfortable doing it free hand (even though the pattern looks relatively easy). Is there any tricks up your sleeves that would could share with me? Thanks!
Thank you both for the links and suggestions! So very helpful!😄👍
Thanks for the suggestions!! I, too, hate buying supplies that I only will used once. I have a whole pantry full of stuff, lol! 😊
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