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Β  I am making this wedding cake but am a bit nervous. I usually only do fondant covered cakes but the bride wants something very traditional. She also does not like fondant so I am doing SMBC with scrolls. My question is what is the best way to do scroll work? I don't feel comfortable doing it free hand (even though the pattern looks relatively easy). Is there any tricks up your sleeves that would could share with me? Thanks!
Thank you both for the links and suggestions! So very helpful!πŸ˜„πŸ‘
Thanks for the suggestions!! I, too, hate buying supplies that I only will used once. I have a whole pantry full of stuff, lol! 😊
Thanks for the replies! Darn, I was hoping to find something cheaper, lol! Oh well, guess the supplies for this cake will be more than what I make!☺️
Β  I need to duplicate the patterns on this invite. I believe I saw a cutter for the criss cross pattern before, however, I can't remember where? Also, for the damask pattern, I am assuming a stencil would be the route to go? I was REALLY hoping not to used a stencil though because I have horrible luck with them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!πŸ˜€
Thanks for the replies! I guess I don't feel so bad now since it seems to be pretty normal to lose the sharpness once the fondant goes on, lol! MBalaska, I *did* mean mixing the two together. I was just wondering if it helped keep the edges sharp? I added white chocolate to SMBC a while back and I vaguely remember it making the SMBC stiffer? Also, what does white chocolate ganache taste like on a cake? I would only iced it in the ganache but fill it with SMBC. For...
My last comment was directed at Azcouture.πŸ˜€
Yes!!! That is *exactly* what happens!
Thanks! I have gotten some pretty nice edges with SMBC..but it seems like when the icing starts to warm up, it kinda loses the sharpness? Maybe that only happens to me, lol! 😜
I really want to start icing my cakes in white chocolate ganache to get sharper edges, however, my customer really like my SMBC iced cakes. So, I thought maybe I can mix the two and get the best of both worlds?? Has anyone tried this? Do you get sharper edges? Thanks!
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