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I am having so much fun on this....Anyway, have a very nice week-end ya'll.... :lol:
I would say between $85-120..... if it would exactly look like these. Judging from your skill, it might even look a lot nicer than Freed's.
Then tell your husband to make the right choice for your son since your husband is the adult . But for us who can make our own choices, then we will choose for ourselves. It's that simple.
If your RI goes into the bag stiff and comes out the other end runny, then your bag has a trace of grease. That's why I always use disposable when I am working with RI.. HTH
If it was me, I will help this time, but next time NO.. Go ahead and help him but make it clear to him that this is just a one time help and next time he will just have to do it himself or pay you to do more free bee..Family is hard to refuse, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Does not mean just because you're family, they can just use and abuse you all the time.
I use white chocolate for the eyes.. I think with red they look like vampire mice..but still cute
Now that the Government has given us all the information we need to know about trans fat (BTW, it's info that we already knew), maybe they can now shut up and leave us alone.. !!! and let us live our own lives and not living it for us.
Yeah ! I think it's by Margaret Braun (Cake Walk ).. her cakes are fabulous.. P Diddy love to throw big parties.
Based on my experience, judges hate cakes that are justtoo busy. A combination of too many flavors, or a flavor that is just not there, example, if it is a Lemon Cake, they better tasteLemon and not Vanilla or Butter. They look for moistness, and mild but tastety flavors. Not intense or not enough. My advice to you is that you come up with a flavor that only you will have. When I was in the State Fair this year and last year, there were at 12 Lemon Cakes...
I wonder why they said it's "NEW" when it was from last year ? who are they kidding ? saw a little bit last night, then immediately turned it off.. I've seen this show a few times last year. I wonder why it is so hard for them to compe up with a real NEW one. why, why why ?????
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