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Try adding marshmallows to the fondant.  Heat it in microwave just a few seconds to soften slightly.  Poke mini marshmallows in the fondant about every 1/2 inch or so, then heat again (10 seconds or so & gloves are highly recommended for this step) then knead the fondant until the marshmallows are well incorporated.  If this helps it, but not quite where you need it to be, then repeat the process.  This has worked several times for me with black MMF.
I thought so too!  Pinned them a while back :)  When I saw this question, I looked through all of my CC favorites, then found them on my pinterest board.  Sometimes I forget where I've saved stuff!
The google link that you've posted shows quite a few different pics of cupcakes.  I'm guessing at what look you are going for....  To create the swirl for a skirt (I'm assuming you want something along these lines???  I would use a wilton 2D tip & twist the wrist while piping (like with a drop flower technique).  Though hopefully those with more experience will weigh in shortly :)
Adding more marshmallows (heat mmf slightly, then poke mini marshmallows in, heat a bit more then knead) could help. It has brought back some of my mmf from the brink of disaster
Thank you!
I am planning one of the ombre cakes with the individual ruffled petals around the side (like this: ). I haven't worked with modeling chocolate before, and was wondering if it could be used for the petals. I didn't know if it would hold it's shape enough to keep the ruffled look. Thanks for your help!
You can use black icing color to paint on the face. If you use straight color it will not dry, it will remain tacky. You can mix it with high proof alcohol (everclear or vodka) then paint on. The alcohol dries off & does not leave a taste. Some people are not comfortable with this method on children's cake & prefer to use vanilla extract. You could also use the food coloring markers, depending on how large of an area you are covering.Would using white fondant cutouts...
A little off topic... But did anybody else notice the statement "They are my own original design please do not copy in any way, these cookies are copyrighted and belong to The Talented Cookie!" at the bottom of each cookie design? I am so surprised to learn a baker on etsy holds the copyrights for Hello Kitty, Lego, red & yellow apples, strawberries, etc.
As a mom, I think the smash cake session photos are absolutely adorable. Wish I had thought to do a more personalized photo of my little ones when they turned one (instead of the hurried, we're in the middle of a party photos which I did get). As a baker (who is just an amateur & bakes for family/friends) I say it sounds great if you can get market value for the cakes. $60 for a day's worth of smash cakes=NOT market value
I may be wrong, but I believe BakingIrene is probably referring to the slideshow on your homepage which has the copyright attributed to the photographer. While the photographer does own the copyright, if they have given you permission to use the photos & they are your cakes then you are fine in using them.
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