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Have you ever heard of the book Cake Doctor? Recipes have been changed many times. There is a recipe in the book for chocolate cake that uses buttermilk that I just love. It is one of the best chocolate cakes I've had. HTHKat
One more well do these fillings freeze? These cakes will be frozen as they are completed due to time restraints.
Thanks Jeff, sounds wonderful, scratch the dummy cake and Pumpkin it is! I will have to try the orange curd filling too...yum
Thanks everyone for your input and how too's, they actually all sound good. Now all I have to do is make up my mind and get baking. Chocolate cake for sure, I do love the sound of the chocolate and raspberry mixed together. The pumpkin cake sounds wonderfull if anyone has a good recipe I would appreciate it. I also love the white chocolate cake. Chocolate and white were my first choices but if I can get a good recipe for the pumpkin maybe I'll have to omit the dummy cake...
Making my wedding cake and really want something different, want something that makes you go wow when you bight into it. Any suggestions? I deffinately want chocolate for one layer other than that not sure. Also a good home made filling. Any suggestions appreciated, will need recipes of tried and true.TIA
That's how I make my marble cakes. Add what ever kind of chocolate you like. I add it until I like the taste . I used the Ghirardelli Hazelnut hot cocoa powder and it was great.
Please let me know what you find out. I would love to do something like this for a friends 50th this monh.Thanks,Kat
Yes it's the same except you will use an envelope of knox gelatin.
It should be the same one as the one that's in their books I imagine. If it is that's all I use and I love it. You can add any flavor you want, it actually tastes pretty good.Kat
The should not bleed, but it's probably way too much color. If you have frosting left I would either add more or incorporate some of that red and black into more white. Your colors should be even darker now that they have sat. If they have a shine to them you have way too much food color in them. Don't make any mistakes, and make sure that the frosting on your cake has crusted and isnt' wet. To re mix all you'll need to do if it's a small amount is mix it back up with a...
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