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I love your chocolate fondant Jennifer I'll have to see if I can use that.Kat
I taped Cake Boss haven't watched it yet but will do that soon. Thanks for the heads up.
Thanks everyone, I will roll out thinner and let them sit for miniute before placing them on the cake.
I'm putting swags on my wedding cake but I don't like the way I was taught, they bunch up and don't hang right. I was taught to fold the ends on the underside so that it looks like a piece of material that you would sew. put skewers one under, one over until you have as many pleats as you need. Is there a better way, one which will look elegant and not look so heavy? Hope the description makes sense.TIA
Thanks Edna, hope you feel better too! What is the ratio of the key lime flavor and the simple syrup to each mix or recipe? I'm sure we could either use key lime instant pudding mix or even a key lime puree if we can't find what you use.
Well the pumpkin cake is delicious for sure, thank you so much for the recipe Jeff! I made it with roasted pecans instead of the walnuts and omitted the cranberries. I had some frozen pumpkin in the freezer so I also used that. The cake is great, I am waiting for my frozen Orange SMBC to dethaw so I can see how well that will go with it.
Thanks Tigerhawk, wanted to make sure before I tried it. What frosting do you use with yours, your BC or something else?
Tigerhawk83, would that be the banana buttermilk cake that Janh posted?Kat
I'll third it.
Oh that sounds good too stsapph. Maybe I could do half of each cake one flavor so I could have 6 different flavors. Lord know's I surely don't need to do 6 tiers. lol
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