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CakeLady, I also use whipping cream in my BC. The recipe I use is a little too soft and I needed somthing to thicken it up a bit. Still a little too soft but could also be because the weather is warmer. Still toying with it to see what I can do, most of the BC is way too sweet.
You guy's are great, I have laughed so hard this morning. Thank YOU!Yes, always leave your self enugh time.Practice before you do a 1stand don't let your tips go down the drain to be chewed up by the garbage disposal.Never do a penis cake when your teenagers are home! You'll never hear the end of it.
Useing the 233 degree tip start from the back an work your way up to the front of the cake. This way you won't mess up the work you already did. Your frosting should be a medium consistancy. If it's too thick it will be hard to get off of the the tip and the grass will keep breaking. If it's too soft it won't stand up. Pull up until you get it the length you want. and then move your hand slightly forward or backword to release the frosting from the tip. If it sticks and...
Thanks, where do I find those at? I've looked on the net but haven't found anything that does lace.
How do you make a lace border with fondant? I need to place a small 4x4 square of fondant with lace around the edges on top of a frosted cake. I'm matching a baby shower invitaion.
How do you make a lace border with fondant?
when Decorating a Turkey cake do you do the back of the tail board?
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