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Sorry everyone, was away from the comp. for a few days. The recipe I use is a good one, I can get them smooth it's the leveling and amount of frosting that I put on, usually I start out with way too much and have to take a lot off. Jen I have yours and Sugar Shacks DVD which I just love!! I guess I also need to watch them again, hopefully something will jump out at me!I think I will start using a level and saving cake scraps in case the cake needs a boost here and there. I...
lol... no I don't post the un even ones. Thanks for the link, don't know why I didn't think of that. Sometimes two heads are better then one. Kat
Okay, I have been doing cakes for long enough and can't seem to frost a level fricken cake!! What am I doing wrong or not doing that I should be doing? I know it takes practice but how much? I get so frustrated and upset I don't know whether to throw in the towel or dig my heels in deeper. Any suggestions are welcome, I really like to decorate cakes.TIA,Kat
Seagoat, the 1st cake is amazing, the second one you already know looks like, I won't go there. Anywho is that recipe for the 1st on on CC? Would you mind forwarding it to me or posting? Haven't had much luck finding recipes that are mentioned lately.TIA,Kat
LoriMc. those are beautiful! I would love to learn how to do those. Any guidence would be appreciated.Thanks,Kat
Hi, I need to make the deep blue for baby einsteins baby van gogh, all I have is Royal Blue. How do I acheive this color?TIA
I have tried both recipes and the tops get really brown and they don't rise correctly. Has anyone else had any issues with these? Any suggestions or real good different recipe for strawberry cake. Need one for Saturday?TIA,Kat
Thanks Mac, just ordered two of them.
What is the best thing to use to adhere them to the cake?
Thanks Jennifer, hope I have time to make it and give it a try. Kat
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