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I would store it in the regrigerator and take it out when I was getting ready for work. Not that you need to put it in the fridge, the sugar will prevent spoilage. It will keep it fresh. JMO, I don't like to keep cakes out, just a feddish.Kat
Take a step back, relax and walk away for a couple minutes. Come back and take another look. Come up with a plan B, although you don't have much time. Maybe you could finish what you're doing and decide what you could add, take away, or change when you're finished. Good Luck!Kat
The first thing you want to do when you take your transfer out of the freezer is smooth out the lines, spaces and any imperfections with the tip of a pallet knife. How did you do your transfer? Did you do it in layers or all at once. Either way you want to lift it up and check it to make sure you didn't miss anything and that everything is filled in. HTHKat
I made a cake last Wednesday for a soup kitchen and didn't get it finished in time. I was hoping to deliver it to another on Sunday but there wasn't one. Is it still good enough to deliver to the soup kitchen today, It's been frosted the whole time? I'm hoping the frosting kept it fresh enough.TIA,Kat
If you're going to do the 3" cakes these are a pain in the you know what. They are a lot of work, charge accordingly.
Thanks everyone!! I will try everyones suggestions just to find what works because it is sooo frustrating. You have all given me good suggestions, thanks for all of the support. KatHave a Very Happy New Year!
A lot of good points Indydeb, thanks. It doesn't happen often but I was curious.
Thanks Mancked, great idea especially seeing when I think something is level someone else will look at it and tell me it's not. I have one of those and will add it to my tool box. Thanks again! Kat
Good morning all, when your cake isn't level from the get go, lets say it didn't bake even. One side went to the top edge of the pan and the other side did not. How do you fix it? I was taught to fix it with icing, but if you do it this way some one gets a mouthful of iciing, yeck. Is it better to use some form of cake scraps and fill it in with those? Just curious... TIA,Kat
Thanks Indydeb, I have used them all. My favorite is actually the small spatula but I guess I actually need to experiment and see which works best and why. I look at the cakes on CC and they are amazing, I really just would like to frost a cake in a short amount of time and get to the decorating. It takes me forever, way to long to frost a cake. I usually end up pulling an early moring or all nighter for one cake. Not right, it's not rocket science.
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