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What is the steamer used for, what is the purpose? Never heard of using a steamer for cakes...
I normally make a box cake and add strawberry jello and fresh strawberries using the recipe from cake Dr. It normally burns on the top and hardley raises. Does anyone else have this problem? This is one of my favorite cakes it tastes great when it does rise but any more like I said it doesn't do much of that. TIA
Sorry I never received a notification that anyone answered my post. Anywho, thank you, I wasn't sure if I needed to cover the vase in anything like saran wrap or corn starch, or if I could just cover it and slide it off. I've made it but never had to make anything out of it yet.Kat
I would like to make a vase out of pastiallage but not sure how to go about it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.TIA,Kat
There are no silly questions, you are very welcome!. Kat
Recipes are either by weight pounds, ounces, grams, etc. or by volume cup, tsp, etc. Weight is more accurate, if the recipe is by cups sometimes they don't turn out as well when the reciped is cut. I was thinking more of a box that would be a little difficult to cut in half. If a box recipe I would make the whole box and not try to reduce it to half.
You're welcome, hope it turned out!
Then you'll be fine, fridge storage is an issue.
It takes practice and the more you do the better you will get. You do want to use a small tip though, I would not use any bigger than a 3 which is a little big for detail work. Practice, practice
I'm assuming 4" round not high. It will take a little less time, depends on your oven and the temp you cook it at. I would keep an eye on it, check it at 20-25' minutes and go from there. If you bake from scratch then you can 1/2 your recipe and should be fine if your recipe is by weight.
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