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Thanks, I was also thinking RKT but wasn't sure if there was anything better.
What is the best thing to use for wheels on a car? Going to attemp a car cake this weekend. Any other tips would be appreciated also. Thanks for you help.Kat
How long will Swiss Meringue last. I need to make a batch today but will also need some tomorrow night for a cake. Will it be okay on the counter? I know you shouldn't put this in the fridge because it doesn't mix back up very well.Thx
Thanks PiccoloChellie, I will give it a try.
I've been baking for a while using DH boxed mixes and doctoring them up. I want to start baking from scratch, pound cakes and regular not so dense cakes but don't have a lot of recipes. I know there are plenty on this site but I don't have the money to mess up by trial and error. What are some of the best recipes you have used? Thanks for your help. Kat
That is great news!!
Sheilabelle, not sure where in Michigan you live, but I justed called Meijer the other day they charge $4.00 a sheet.
Yes you can freeze BC, I freeze mine all the time. Put it in the refigerator to defrost.
Not sure why your fondant is melting? Is it too heavy and falling off the cake? You can put fondant in the fridge, but I'm not sure if this will help your situation. If you do put it in the fridge, it needs to come to room temperature before it's cut.Kat
Thank you, I'll have to try that.Kat
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