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Haven't finished reading all the post yet. I don't sift my ingredients, instead I use a wire wisk and it breaks all the big clumps. I put all the dry ingredients in a bowl together and whisk or gently put pressure on the big clumps and they break up. I also mix my batter this way, don't use an electric mixer, cakes don't have a dip in the middle if you Dr. them. I also put my tips in the microwave, no more using that silly little tip brush. Also use cocoa powder or brown...
Thanks, I'll make it early in case I have to start over.
Thanks LogansMommie! I understand the putting each color in the middle of the other, my other question is, I'm also making it come in towards the middle from the sides of the pan too, right? Did that make sense? I will keep trying to look at your picture, I wasn't able too, I have a lot of problems with this web site being super slow or not connecting.Thanks again,Kathie
I would like to make a rainbow cake in one pan. I need to make a 1/2 sheet cake, is there a way I can accomplish this in one pan?Thanks
I used my 40% off coupon for his fondant. It's really sweet to me, my family liked it. It's also pretty oily. Not bad for covering cakes but if you're going to make any figures out of it you'll need to let it sit out in the air to dry out a bit.
Can damp gumpaste be put on a BC cake without running or getting mushy? The gumpaste isn't completely dry but need to place on cake, will it go limp and fall. Second plan would be to just do BC but I would love to use the flowers I made in stead.Thanks
Thank you, I appreciate the help!
I have a question, do you have to mix the tylose with anything, seeing as it's a powder and I'm using pre made fondant?
Hi, I'm making a car cake and was wondering, should I wrap the fondant under the board or wrap the board and cut the fondant to the edge?Thanks,Kat
Great! Thanks Diane! One more question, how long will it last in the fridge? Seeing as it's only egg whites and butter should last at leas a couple weeks right? I have a huge amount of cakes to make this month for family birthdays.Kat
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