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No it wasn't Swans flour, I buy in bulk when possible. As I stated before it's good for something's not others. It may have also been because I had it in my basement for a while and now it has moisture in it. Swans is actually a good flour.
tails thanks for the recipe, I will give it a try. Again thanks for all the advice everyone it is appreciated.
thanks everyone for your help. I tried two new different recipes and a different flour and the cake/cupcakes taste great! Not sure which one it was that was the culprit and didn't have time to find out either but I'm guessing the flour. Thanks fromscratch, didn't use swans but did use a better brand. Bulk purchases aren't always a good deal. Lol good for some things but not others. KatHappy baking!
fromscratch what brand of flour do you use?
I made three different scratch recipes today. I can taste flour in all of them, why? I was a Duncan Hines girl but am trying to switch to scratch. Don't have any tried and true recipes just using what I find. Do all scratch recipes have a taste of flour? Please help Thanks!
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't know of a cream cheese frosting that will do that. You may be able to mix the cream cheese with a real stiff buttercream and do that but it's not going to taste like cream cheese. How many cupcakes are you doing. I would practice with a bunch of recipes and combo's way before you need to do this incase she needs to switch gears.
All you need is a pastry bag and a round tip. Use at least a 11,or 12, poke a whole with the tip and fill. The cup cake will start to expand, start on the next one. Easy and fast. Make sure you twist your bag above the point where you're squeezing or the filling will come out of the top.
I have the two sided turn table also, it's awesome! Well worth the 44 dollars.
Forgot to grease and put parchment paper on the bottom of my pan. What is the best way to get the cake out of the pan without ruining the cake or having it fall apart? Help
Jeep_girl816, just read your post about the bag. That's exactly what I did, used a piping bag and cut the end, worked great!
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