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uniquecreations can you please e-mail me at i've got some questions for you
i know I need Licensing and inspection from the Dept. of Agriculture I was just having a happy moment of not needing a business license becasue that means that I can sell my crafts and photogrpahy along with my food after the inspection from the Dept. of Agriculture and I dont need a business license
I called the county office and no food service license needed for selling for me
I know I dont know about the food service license yet, (im sure I need one I just dont need a business license for my catering or photography. They dont require anything for the actaul selling of the products
Aww thanks
I live in Pittsylvania County, VA.I would gladly pay for one if I needed one, but just excited I dont have to deal with that. One less worry
So I just got am e-mail back from our Business License Inspector/Commissioner of the Revenue Office and our country does not require a business licenses. So i can make and sell whatever I want from my home and i can also sell at the market!! oo sorry I just got super excited! I still have to call the county Commissioner of Revenue to make sure I dont need anything but no licenses. Ok sorry I'll stop now
maybe to do the spray you could use a piece of cardstock and cut out a templet to cover the box but open enought to spray the cupcake like a cover for the box but an opening to show the cupcake a spray it
maybe you could place a dounut hole or a cake ball ontop of the baked cupcake and do the swirl icing around it. That way you'd have the height but it would have cake or a dounut hole in the middle with icing swirled around it.
I got some advice from another baker online about Renting a Local Church's kitchen for Baking for a business since I dont want to bake out of my home. (I mean i bake out of my home for personal and friends, but I dont want to for big orders becasue I dont have the space)\\Has anyone "rented" a local churchs kitchen through donations to bake your goods and sell them. Would you still need an inspection? or just a business licence?
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