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That's actually my cake =).  To make logos, I print out the image on regular paper in the size I need and use it as a template to trace over the fondant.  Roll out the fondant to the thickness you want, dust some corn starch on it and lay the paper template over it.  Use a scoring tool or something pointed, trace out the design, remove the paper template, then cut out the design using a sharp exacto knife.  There is more info on my...
I've used this same recipe a bunch of times but sub in sour cream for the buttermilk - it's our favorite chocolate cake and not too sweet (different coffee's = different flavors - I like using a dark roast espresso).  Lower the baking soda and baking powder down to 1 tsp each and it should solve your problem - mine started to rise nicely once I made that adjustment.  And be sure to bake it all the way through until the toothpick comes out clean.
I like using a craft self-healing cutting mats to make my models on (I have a small 10 inch one).  Fondant doesn't stick to it so need to grease or cornstarch it and you can cut right on it without worrying about scratching it up.  Plus it has the measurements right on it to help keep everything to size.
An easy way to cheat and get the horseshoes silver is to make gray fondant and then brush it with a pearl dust color.  I like to dilute dusts with vodka and paint it on.  Personally, I think the horseshoes will look better in silver vs. black.  You can buy silver sprays and silver dust colors but I don't like how they work (they're either too dark or too difficult to get an even coating with).   For the fence, you can marble a light brown and a lighter tan fondant...
Thanks Sassyzan =)   If you can't find black candy melts, use regular chocolate chips.  Semi-sweet Chocolate chips are actually my preferred method when making black since it makes the fondant taste like a tootsie roll and everyone loves eating it.  White chocolate chips for making white MMF also tastes really good too.  I love the texture of the MMF with candy melts/chocolate too.
Thank you Smchkinney07 for referencing my blog.   Steph10467, the design I used for the Princesses were off their invitation.  There are a number of ways to do this and I cover it all on my blog through various posts.  I always start by dissecting the picture and figuring out what shapes I need in order to recreate it with fondant then building it layer by layer, shape by shape until you get it all together.  You can either freehand it our use a template.  If you need a...
I have both the silicone molds and metal cake pop molds.  The silicone mold is not good at all.  As the cake bakes and rises, the silicone mold stretches/moves and you end up with cake balls that are oval, have lots of air pockets and crack.  The metal molds are so much better.  They keep the pops perfectly round and compact.  See my blog post about it:
I added melted candy melts or chocolate in the color I need into the melted marshmallows before adding the powdered sugar - red candy melts for red MMF and either black candy melts or regular chocolate chips for black MMF.  Lots of tips on my blog (link is below under my signature).  It's really easy and works really well.
it's not a video but the pictures explain her technique:
AWESOME!  So glad to see it worked great!  I love the texture of MMF with the chocolate or melts added to it's so easy to get dark colors with.   Thank you kikiandkyle for refering my blog 
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