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Posts by socalval i put the batch in the fridge. and i think it was the heat that got to it. its cold, blended it again and it perfect consistancy again! maybe the heat was seperating the shortning???? well whatever it was its working now! thank you for looking at my post...hopefully this will help others too!
shortning, powdered sugar, butter vanilla and almond extract, water. ive used this for a couple years now. i dont know if its because im in colorado now and with the dryer air (i moved from LA). or if its because its when its hot out. thank you! i really appreciate it
my buttercream is fantastic, but once i add color it starts to curdle! UGH!!! why????? i know wiltons color is horrible, but its all i have right now & my supply store is closed now. please help! thanks
Can anyone suggest bakeries in the Denver area. I just moved to Colorado. Thank you!Val
a really good pizza cutter does the trick too!
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