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Sweet Surprises in Richmond Hts, couple doors down from All City Candy
Thanks for the info.  It absolutely had to do with the cocoa.  I made a 4th batch with natural cocoa instead of dutch-processed.  They came out perfect.  I was following the recipe exactly.  Dutch-processed cocoa was the preferred option yet there wasn't any adjustments for it.  Since it gets rave reviews, I have to assume that most people used the natural cocoa otherwise I think I would find others with the same problem.  
Thanks for the thoughts.  From what I've read, it's a great recipe and they all call for Guiness Stout beer and baking soda.  Guess I will try the same recipe but use natural cocoa instead of dutch-processed, or in the previous cases, the combo cocoa.
I don't know what is wrong with my chocolate stout cupcakes.  The middle has sunk on all 3 batches I made; not completely baked?  I've checked oven temp, tried different liners, ingredients at room temperature, rotated pans in the oven, and tried a hand mixer instead of my Artisan.  There is only one other possibility I can think of.  Most stout recipes call for dutch-processed cocoa.  I used Ghirardelli that is a combination of natural and dutch-processed.  Don't know...
I have request for a 1/4 sheet cake that represents the Hollister store front. Wants surf boards and palm trees. After searching for some sort of inspiration, the only Hollister cakes I've seen are the shopping bag. Anyone have any idea how to do a store front? Thanks!
Thanks. Ok, this is probably a stupid question but if you are using fondant and/or gum paste to decorate, do you include those ingredients as well or just the ingredients for the cake itself?
KHalstead... What kind of labeling is needed? I'm assuming ingredients. And where do you put it? On the cake box, board, etc? I don't have a business, yet. Others have been pushing me to, but I still have one in preschool. Maybe when he starts Kindergarten I can think about it. Thanks.
Cakesbycathy- It was my understanding that was for the Maple Hts location only? Or are both locations set-up that way now?
I'm in Twinsburg, Summit County. Will you be in the city limits of Cleveland or a suburb? Here are some supply shops:Sweet Surprises Richmond Hts 216-291-9166Northfield Cake & Candy Northfield 330-467-8728Nadine's Cake & Candy Maple Hts 216-663-5778Cakes by Nadine Broadview Hts 440-526-3386JoAnn's Cakes & Candy Streetsboro 330-422-0905Grandma's Cupboard Akron 330-784-1712
I recently posted a cake with Gerbera daisies. I also used the PME plunger from Country Kitchen Sweetart and followed the instructions from're fairly easy to make just time consuming and very fragile. Be sure to make extras.
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