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WOW good luck!!!
I made this cake and used pretzel rods and royal icing. I made the leaves days ahead of time and then glued them to the rods. Let me know if I can help any more.
I might be too late but I found the best way to make a skate board.... I went to Walmart and found the cheapest real board they had. I wrapped it in plastic wap and built my cake on the skateboard. IT was so easy. THe hardest part was making the wheel not move while i decorated. I wraped towels around the wheels. Hope this helps. I hope the link to my picture works.
To make a stiffer icing you add more PS or less liquid.
Never tried it. Good luck. maybe you could do a practice cake.
My birthday 33rd birthday cake. I did this last year. I wont do another one for my self again for a while. It took me forever to come up with an idea. I was very happy with how it turned out.
If you send her a message she will get back to you very quick. Im sure she misses some of the Forum questions
I just got Sugar Shacks buttercream DVD. She teaches you how to this. It is the best DVD ever!! go to and you can get her stuff. She is awesome!!
I did a fish for Fathers day last year. I googled fishing color pages. Lots of ideas come up. I then did mine as a FBCT. It was great. There are alot of ideas on the internet. Also you could google fish clip art, Cartoon fish, funny fish. Things like that will pull up lots of pictures. HTH
Was anything ever deceided on?? Is Sharon coming this way? I live in GA but she is well worth the drive.
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