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Wow - glad I found this post also - I just went to Amazon and read the reviews on this book also. Needless to say, mine is on the way!!
Those are beautiful cakes - love this post! Does anyone have instructions on how to do the fabric looking rosettes on the side of the rosette cake?Those are amazing!
I make the cookies a little thicker than usual - and insert the stick right when they come out of the over (you can fit so many more on a cookie sheet and cut way down on baking time) I let them cool - and when ready to decorate - I always pull the stick out and squirt some royal icing in the hole and reinsert the stick - I let them dry with the rest of the cookie and you never have to worry about them coming out or "rotating" once they are in your cookie bouquet!
It is a mess to make - but once you get the hang of it - it's definitely worth it! I haven't seen the video yet - but through trial and error learned to put a towel over the bowl. When you make it right - it is the smoothest frosting- and so easy to work with to get a perfectly smooth cake!!Love it!! This brings me back to my other post - did anyone ever hear of Elite shortening - or know of a cheaper way to get Sweetex shortening for this recipe?
Thanks for the advise - I called Restaurant Depot and you need to be a member to purchase from them. Anyone else hear of Elite??Or have suggestions for Sweetex - where the shipping is a little more reasonable?
I have been using Sweetex shortening for years - my supplier now states they can no longer get it and they carry something called Elite Shortening in a 50lb box. Has anyone used this with the same results?? I cannot find in the description or on the box where it would be high ratio. Could someone please help me out before I purchase a box?? And if anyone has any other ideas on how to get Sweetex at a resonable cost - I would love that also!!Thank-You!!
Well thanks for the tip on Joanns VickiC - not only is the unit on sale but the cartridges also!!
I am still shopping for this item and I am confused - they are offering a "great price" on HSN today - and then I go to Amazon and it's over $100 cheaper - is this the same Martha Stewart Cricut machine? Even the cart. are 1/2 the price. Is this possible or is it a cheaper version - anyone out there know??
Sorry - also meant to ask if all cartridges are interchangeable with the Martha Stewart machine? It is a special on HSN today so I want to make sure before I order.Thanks for all the info.
I just have a few questions before making this large of a purchase -Does anyone out there know what the differences all are for the red Cricut and the Martha Stewart? And has anyone used the scratch gumpaste recipes in their Cricut machine? I'm trying to decide which one to buy and make sure it's worth the money. I see all other posts of Cricut have been blocked - trying to get info - hope this post is ok!
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