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I have several Gerbera Daisy cutters and love them....however, I have seen daisies on this site and others that look so real. Does anyone know where I can get the cutters for the center part?? I have the very center "button" part -but I am looking for the part that comes out from under the center button and looks like a tiny tiny daisy - usually the same color as the center - that gives it the "real" look for a gerbera daisy. I'll try to list an attachment of one of the...
Scratch my above post - I'm so sorry, I just went to the site and the exact same bundle went up to $379!!
Go to -- I got a bundle for $249 - that was the machine and FOUR cartridges. Hope they still have that - I got mine about 2 month ago already. And you can get extra cart. from that site for $15-$20.
Can't wait to hear the answers on this too - I have made it twice and haven't been able to use it. I also let it sit overnight and it would fall apart if I tried to cover a cake with it.
I achieve that look with tip 32 on mini cupcakes - larger star forfull size cupcakes.
If you're asking to use the cricut to decorate - yes, it makes beautiful cookies, and I use fondant also. There are sooooo many designs you can make on a cookie! (Will be posting pictures hopefully soon) But if you're asking about the sugar cookie dough - it is way too thin for a decorated cookie.
I also have been switching over to Americolor lately - and love it. Much cleaner than Wilton and love the red and black!! Also love that you can buy large squeeze bottles.
I definitely need to look into the cake boss software! I am told by many of my customers that I need to raise my prices also - and with the price of groceries I have to. The ones that think the cakes are too expensive are the ones who will go and get their hair done - at 1-1/2 hours and have no problem paying $100 for that!! (I am not saying the hair dresser is not worth that - they totally are) But they need to take into consideration the material and TIME!!
I used a spray glitter for wedding cookies about 2 years ago - and now am looking for the same product and cannot find it. I can find the spray luster in silver and gold - and I have the silver, I just don't think it's going to give the cake the look I want - it's a 7 tier cake all covered in white chocolate shavings and needs to look like the "fresh snow" sparkle - any ideas??
I just received a pasta roller for Christmas - and I have been trying to roll my fondant in it - they are medal rollers and it won't grip the fondant at all. Does anyone have a medal roller and is there a trick to it? Or is there another kind of pasta roller that is recommended for cake decorating???
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