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I am in the same boat - I need to order one soon and every time I search on here for the past posts about it - I get a blank page. Thanks anyone who has input!!
Same here, I've been to many birthday parties where as they are opening the present with a really neat patterned paper that I ask if I can have a piece of it for a future cake pattern!!
Go to -- LOVE them, very affordable, they have many options including the self sealing cookie bags!
I needed sweetex shortening as soon as possible - so I ordered it online (a little too quick apparently) It came today and it's Golden Sweetex - the box states "Golden color and rich butter flavor for pastries and icings". I cannot find on the box anywhere where it states high ratio - on the website where it's sold, the description states "good for high ratio cakes"Can anyone help me with this before I open the box? Will this work for Sharon Zambito's buttercream icing...
Thanks bakingpw - I took that into consideration - I actually priced it quite a bit higher thinking she would change her mind to regular cake! But they really want it and now it's actually turning out to be a fun experience!!I'm excited to try the flavors and I hadn't thought of cookie crumbs in there - would you use oreos?That was actually another one of my questions you answered - if I could use regular ganache - or if I had to purchase fudge ice cream topping.I will...
There's going to be a "dummy" cake for everyone to see. These are just like "kitchen cakes" for serving purposes. They will be pulled right from the freezer - sliced into slabs and served - I hope all goes well. There will be a few practice runs with this first - my family won't mind!
I have to do a wedding cake that needs to be an ice cream cake. I plan on lining sheet pans with wax paper and popping them out for slicing. Has anyone done this before for a wedding in large quantities?? I would also love to know a good recipe for ice cream cake - I am thinking a thin layer of choc. cake - vanilla ice cream - a layer of ganache - and then another thin layer of choc. cake. Does this sound right??If anyone has experience with this or has a good...
Your timeline sounds good - I always bake on Mondays - double wrap and freeze. Tues. and Wed. are for making the decorations and bows or whatever needs to dry. Thurs. is filling and frosting the base layer - and Friday is final decor. for weekend cakes. Works smooth for me - and with 2 little boys, I need a timeline like this!
I just finished one today - sorry, didn't take pictures along the way. If you do the Viva smooth method - it is quite easy. I color 3 bowls of frosting - 1 black, 1 brown, and 1 army green. Then with my spatula I make black ovals or misshaped circles all over the cake, then brown and fill in with green - then smooth it out with the papertowel - it actually looks quiet good - and it always leaves the customer asking - how did you frost that smooth with different colors!!
Oh awesome! Thank you so much - I already have all of the necessary cutters and equip.!!
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