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I was just looking at decorated cookies on flickr - and I see a decorator using squeeze bottles with couplers and tips instead of bags. Those of you that use squeeze bottles - where would I order those from? This looks so much cleaner and I wouldn't have to worry about my royal icing drying and squeezing out the end of the bag all of the time. Would love to try this - thanks in advance for your info!!
Thanks for the post on karenscookie blog - I hadn't seen that post although I have been on her blog before. I had seen it on Sweetopia - I believe that's all Marian will use also is PME.Thanks for the responses!
Though I've never used a PME tip (yet) - I know what everyone is saying about the curling - I've made up my mind.
I agree with jhay - I wrap in saran wrap while still warm and freeze - and then once you frost it an the frosting soaks in a bit - there are never hard edges left. Sometimes the hard edges are also from what you use to grease your pan with - for instance, if you use shortening and flour, your cake will stay softer than if you use a generic butter spray on your pan.
I was placing an order today for more tips and couplers, I was going to go with the PME tip 1.5 and tip 2 for my cookie work - are the PME tips that much better than Wilton tips? I have never used them before but saw on a cookie blog that PME is the only tip she will use. I do some very detailed work on cookies and was wondering if the PME tip is worth the extra money - it's $4 more per tip so if anyone out there could offer there advise I would appreciate it before I...
Thank you toptier for listing!! I have been purchasing cake boards at our local big box store - (very expensive) I just ordered 50 of them for what would have bought me about 12!!! Also just checked out brp - love it - thanks for this thread!!
I didn't start this post - but chrisseyann - I would love to have your recipe if you would be willing to share!! I do love the NFSC recipe from this site - but also am looking for another recipe that is a bit softer for some Christmas cookies. There is a bakery in our area who makes wonderful cutout cookies and that's all they will say is they use real butter and powdered sugar - does anyone have a recipe like that? They are crisp, yet soft and taste delicious!
Yes sweetcakes - it's a KopyKake - and I did remove the plastic piece - I realized after color starting gathering in there that it must come off. Love it already! I have a camo wedding cake this weekend and this is going to save soooo much time!!!!
I received my new air brush today - (very excited!!) I ordered it directly from Kopy Kake - but it didn't come with any instructions on starting really - there is a little clear soft plastic piece over the nozzle tip - is this supposed to come off? If so - how? I don't want to apply any pressure to the tip and it's on pretty good. Any other tips would be helpful - or if there is a website or video on airbrushing - I would love to know about it. Thanks!!
Jen, first of all, Congratulations - I can imagine how exciting this is for you!! Thank you so much for sharing your story - I am just beginning the process of becoming licensed and your info. and seeing your space has helped greatly! Just curious - in the $7000 - did that include the price of the stove and stainless steel sink? I am trying to stay within a budget and was amazed to hear your end total! I was figuring around $10-$11,000 - I have about the same size...
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