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I am making a cake topper for an upcoming bridal show and have 12 large yellow roses - I bought a small green styrofoam half circle (4 inches) and was attempting to arrange them. This circle now seems to be too large. Could someone offer some advise on how you assemble the flowers once they are done so it looks like a nice bunch of flowers on top without any gaps?? Thanks so much!
After quite a few phone calls, I got to the correct people for my state and just have to mail in a form and pay $15 to "reserve" my name until my licensing is done!So happy - my name was available!!
Wow cupadeecakes - that is just beautiful - and a lot of cakes!!Looks like a lot of work went into that booth - thanks for sharing!
Thanks to schmulie14 -- that looks about the size of booth I am allowed at my bridal show and helps me a lot - I really like how you did you table cloths - that look adds to your booth!Thanks!
Wow cerps - that is gorgeous!! Love how it is all color coordinated!Thanks for sharing!!
I have decided on a business name - can I go ahead and have some business cards printed up and some marketing done before my licensing is final? I need to have the cards for a bridal show coming up in about a month - is there someone with the state I need to check with first?? Or can I just have my name?I searched google and facbook and the such, and there is someone with the name in Hawaii - but I am in Wisconsin - does this matter??I know I've seen duplicate names...
I am getting ready to set up my first cake booth at a bridal show. I would love to see your cake booth and how you have everything laid out. I am looking for ideas from back drops to tablecloths!! Anyone with advise without pictures, I would love to hear from you also!Thanks so much!!
Ok - I've done a little research online and I am finding the squeeze bottles - but I don't see how a coupler and tip could be attached - is there a special type of bottle for this?Thanks!
I was just looking at decorated cookies on flickr - and I see a decorator using squeeze bottles with couplers and tips instead of bags. Those of you that use squeeze bottles - where would I order those from? This looks so much cleaner and I wouldn't have to worry about my royal icing drying and squeezing out the end of the bag all of the time. Would love to try this - thanks in advance for your info!!
Thanks for the post on karenscookie blog - I hadn't seen that post although I have been on her blog before. I had seen it on Sweetopia - I believe that's all Marian will use also is PME.Thanks for the responses!
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