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I am also going through this process right now - and had no idea where to start. My room is finished and I am just waiting on the plumbing to be finished and I have to order some stainless steel tables yet. I will be posting pics. soon and I'll let you know on this thread when I do. I was going to take a room in my house upstairs and convert it - but after thinking it through (and promising my husband to build a new garage in the near future) I converted half of...
Thanks everyone!@fundant11 - Does Vanilla Bean in Madison carry a large assortment of things?? Like pailsof Satin Ice fondant (shipping is killing me) and cake boards and such??That's about the same distance as going to the cities for me, so if I take a trip once everyfew months, that would still save a lot in shipping costs! Thanks!
I did Google it many times....but thanks for the advise.And it's not Decopac or Lynn's - although I might try that one.
I am in central WI and I am in the process of getting my license. I had once called a store in MN that is a wholesale store and could not sell to me at the time - now that I am getting my license, I cannot remember the name of that store! Could someone help me out with a store that is in MN, I believe not far over the WI border that sells all of the supplies - and you need to have a tax ID to shop there.Thanks so much!!
I have a wedding cake coming up where every other tier needs to be a damask pattern, which I have done many times - but not in silver. Advise please on what would be the best way to go about this - is there a way to make silver buttercream or royal icing - or is my best bet to get a silver airbrush color with shimmer and airbrush the stencil on?? I have never airbrushed a stencil on before, (which I plan on practicing before the date) - could someone who has done this...
Thank you very much Cupcation with all your help!! I have my liners on the way!
@ Cupcations - can I ask which size you used on your blue cupcakes w/the turtle on top - I love that look - those wrappers look really nice with the cupcake and would look great for the wedding cupcakes I'm doing. Are they the standard tall?Thanks so much!
Sorry if I worded that wrong, but no, I don't eat the cupcake wrapper - it actually gives the cupcake a bad taste after you bake in them. And that's where I got mine also, at Michaels, even the Paula Deen brand ones gave the cupcake a "plastic" flavor. I just found some for a really good price online for the CK brand - has anyone used these?
Could someone direct me to where I could get dark brown cupcake holders - that don't have that yucky after taste?? I've gotten many pretty cupcake wrappers that actually give the cupcake a funny flavor. I LOVE the new cupcake liners by Reynolds with the foil liner - but they only come patterned and I need plain brown. Thanks for your help!! put the link to the cake I am trying to make a topper like - it is by daily and called Yellow and Brown....I LOVE this cake and I think it's one of the classiest cakes I have ever seen, so I am making one likethis for the bridal show - I think the brides will love this!!Maybe I'll send her a msg. directly - but if someone who sees this topper has more info. please letme know. I really don't want bow loops or leaves in...
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