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Thank you so much everyone for the compliments!    To answer a few of the questions, the space was about 10 ft long and approx. 6 feet deep I believe -- with an 8 foot table provided and I also brought a smaller 4 ft table for more displays.   For the samples I brought a couple of sheet cakes and hid them on my totes under the table so people couldn't see them and I just kept slicing off and filling more plates for samples -- and 2 of my cake flavors I had in cupcakes...
I am going to put the link to my bridal show booth pictures from last week.....I have set up at 2 shows now and I know before I did I searched the internet for booth ideas and couldn't find much of anything.   So I hope this helps someone out or just enjoy taking a look!  :)
Does anyone have any advise on what some of the new ideas are for wedding cake stands?   I have a few of the silver round bases and was looking for something more modern to offer to my brides.  I have tried Googling this and keep coming up with the same old ideas.   Does anyone have any input or websites where I could get some new ones for this summer!   Thanks so much! sorry, I did say the wrong show, it was not Cake Boss, it was The Next Great Baker and it was Chad making the flower.    Now that you mention a dogwood cutter, that is what it looked like - and the way he layered the flower on the cake and then put a center in that was full of stamens - it was just beautiful!   It looked like a fabric flower on the cake....very nice!
Just got done watching Cake Boss tonight --- LOVE the large flower on the large white cake on Cake Boss tonight (unfortunately the losing cake) - anyone have any tips on how this flower was made, they only showed a little bit of how it was made and it looked like some kind of layering of the petals - and it was just beautiful!!   Anyone has any tips I would appreciate it.  :)  Thanks!!
Thank you everyone - I will now be able to give her an accurate estimate know what kind of time will be involved with this cake! Thanks again!
Hi - could you please look at the attached cake photo sent to me by a bride - she wants me to make the cake have this lace pattern on it (all credit for the cake going to Amy Beck cake design) -- The bride found it on Pinterest. I have been searching for a lace pattern to match this with no luck. Can anyone tell me if this is a fondant mold or some type of cutter?? Any help would be appreciated!
Now that I am a licensed decorated, I am getting all kinds of calls for the gluten free baked goods. Something I'm not too familiar with other than dabbling with almond flour a few times. Does anyone have a cutout cookie recipe they would be willing to share that is gluten free?? I also have a request for cutout cookies that are..........sugar free, yes, sugar free and gluten free. Anyone??
Does anyone have a delicious vanilla filling they would be willing to share?? I need a plain vanilla filling for several wedding cakes coming up - and I do have one that I use....but I would like a better one! I tried searching this site but after about page 15 and nothing......I thought I would ask! It needs to have a creamy texture, taste great and hold up under pressure!! Thank you so much!!
Thank you so much kakeladi -- this was WONDERFUL!! Just what I asked for.. smooth beautiful swirl and melt in your mouth delicious!! Thanks again! And I highly recommend people try this frosting!! I saw it had some reviews where people did not care for the frosting - and I didn't use this on a cake, I can see how it would be a bit soft for that - but this is PERFECT for cupcakes!!
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