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Haha... I used to be able to make 5 batches of frosting at a time no problem (Sharon Zambito's recipe) and now it stops on the 2nd batch.  It is overheating and I have to unplug it for several hours and let it set. 
I just burned out my 3rd Kitchenaid mixer in 9 years......I have a cake decorating business and use it everyday many times.     I really don't want to waste my money on another one that isn't going to last -- what is the next step up from that?    I know there are the large several thousand dollar mixers...but is there anything inbetween that still goes on the counter top? Also wondering if anyone has had good luck with repairing the KA mixer through the company? Thanks...
Thank you mbranko24!    That is the company I was looking for!  :)
I found it after searching FB!!  Gateaux Inc. is the company I was looking for!
Hello - Could someone help me out - I found a FaceBook page a while ago that sells some cookie cutters and stencils.  They now have a really need bride dress with an impression mat that I really wanted to order for my bridal show coming up - but can't remember the name of the page that sells them.   Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks so much!
Thank you so much MissLisa! :)   And Annabakescakes....that's not such a bad idea....I have a feeling I will buy these pans and only use them once!   I just worry about the structure of the bottom when it's a trimmed cake.  And I can't find a hex cake dummy larger than 14 or 15" either or I would go that way on the bottom.
I am doing my first hexagon wedding cake and the bride would like a 5 tiered hexagon cake, but I'm only fining hexagon cake pans for a 4 tier cake....6", 9", 12" and 15".   I have Googled and searched all the places where I usually purchase my supplies and this is all I'm finding.   Are there some other sizes out there in a brand I'm not finding??   Thanks for your help!!
Thank you so much for the recipe!  I have heard about this one and wanted to try it but forgot who's recipe it was.    THANK YOU AGAIN!!!  :)
I want to make chocolate whoopie pies for my booth at a dance show next weekend....and would like a great filling for them.    I have found a few recipes and tried a couple and they all seem too greasy with a lot of shortening in them....does anyone have a recipe that is more "fluffy" and smooth??   And while I'm at it.....anyone willing to share their delicious whoopie pie recipe?   I have a pretty good one from The Food Network, but always looking for more!!  :)
Well it's absolutely beautiful and I would also love to know if anyone knows where to get this!  :)
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