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THAT'S IT!  :)   Thank you so much JinxInk!!    I really appreciate it, you just saved me a lot of time!
There is a company on FB that sells vinyl backdrops that look like barn wood and several other wood types....I had some in "my cart" a week ago, and now I can't find the name of the company at all.   Could someone please help me out with that?   They have ones that are just one piece for the bottom only and some that are for the back and the bottom for a whole backdrop. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!  :)
Does anyone have a good recipe for a pear cake or spice pear cake they would share?    If you have one that starts with a mix that would be great!   I have to travel with the cupcakes for my sister's wedding and I have to make them 2 days in advance - so starting with a mix would stay more moist.      I saw in the "gourmet cake flavors" there is a suggestion for a pear cake from macsmom starting with the wasc recipe - has anyone tried that one with pear nectar and looking...
Can anyone give me a source on a great price for the tulip baking cups.   I love the look of the brown or natural, and then it lets you pile the cupcake nice and high with extras so the toppings don't fall off! :)   Looking for the best price to order a lot!    Thanks so much for your help!
Thanks for the idea!
Hello - I need to make 160 heart cookies for a wedding next weekend - and I am drawing a blank for a "rustic" flair to add to the cookie.   I need to make a heart cookie with a cream cheese frosting in a swirled pattern or "messy" look (not smooth) and they are tied up with a pc. of brown twine....but the bride would like a little something added to make it "pop" a little.   Her whole wedding is the rustic look with log slices for displaying the cake and such.   Does...
Does anyone have the adjustments or recipe for Sharon Zambito's buttercream for the 8 quart commercial mixer?   Received mine today and need to make some buttercream right away!  :)   Thanks!
Thank you K8memphis!  :)  I think I have decided to send my current 6 quart in for repair....and order a new 8 quart commercial mixer direct from Webstaurant.    The KitchenAid service actually recommended that's where I order from for the best price.   
Thanks for your responses!   I was told there is not a place that can repair them anywhere in the state of Wisconsin  - so I have to send it in.   They also told me I cannot trade any of my mixers in (I have 3 Kitchenaid mixers sitting here not working)    And they were actually not friendly at all to me when I called in, she was very argumentative and told me it's my fault my mixer doesn't work.   I didn't even tell her the speed I was using and she told me I'm mixing it...
Looking for opinions from anyone who has ever sent a KitchenAid Mixer back to the company for repair.  Wondering if it is worth the expense?   They charge about $30 for the "kit" to send it back to the company, which includes a shipping label and the box to ship it in - and then the cost of repair.  Has anyone done this before and feel like it was worth the expense to save their mixer??  Thanks!
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