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I printed it out at 4x6 and it came out perfect! Thank you very much Traci, your a lifesaver!
I need help on turning a $100 dollar bill into a Happy Birthday Bill?!?!?!?!? It's for a casino cake and she wants the bills to say happy birthday instead of one hundred dollars across the bottom. I circled what part in the pic. HELP anyone got any ideas? Thanks for any and all help.
I am thinking about doing a large tasting for my family and friends. I have some new recipies to try out and want lots and lots of different feedback. I think it will be a "Happy Hour" of cake (instead of the liquid kind). I will let you know how it goes.
Open the pic in paint and then select save as, then before you save it change the format at the bottom of the box under where it says name of file. HTH
Thanks mixinvixen, that helps. I have a ton of pictures, from all the movies including the new one. I also bought a foam halloween mask and I will use that as my mask guide. How can I build up the nose and the lips? Can I use cake or should I use fondant? Your cake looks awsome, I pray mine comes close, thank you again.
I have been asked to do a carved Jason head. My conflict is, how do I build the facial features? I would also like to make it to where they can take the hockey mask off and still have it look like the deformed head. Anyone with any ideas? Any help would be much appricated. Thanks.
I dont know if this will work but try these links to recipes for Starbucks Pound Marble Cake......Good luck.
I'm no expert but, I just did a waterfall and all I used was buttercream icing and didn't totally mix the blue color in it. Then just spread it down the side of the cake. It's in my pictures. Hope it helps alittle.
Fondarific Fondants ?????My supplier has them for sale, but not sure how well they are to work with or how they taste. Anyone know? Let me know if you have any info on them. Thanks.Jessica
Just wanted to let everyone that helped....Thank you, Thank you...loosing the needle worked for the bubbling. Thank you to all that helped!!!!
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