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GOOD video!
bump..I'm curious to know why too! Anyone?
Is it too late to somehow get the bride to agree on the coloring of ppl's teeth after eating these??? I'm sure your bride would understand completely for change and will thank you later once wedding is over! It really is nasty kind of and I only recommend deep colors like that for kid's parties more of. Just a thought. Hope it works out for you!
anyone?? thanks!
I posted the pic up above as requested by some of you.. but not heard anything! The bride loved it!! I hope you like it? Thanks!
I would lesson the cream cheese and you would be surprised how you don't need too much to get that cc taste..that way, lesser to cause the melting..I use 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 c. shortening, and 1 block cc with 2 pounds of sugar..and add more sugar to stiffen if needed, yet be careful to make sure you have your cc taste.Best of luck
I would do photography and car as groomscake..Rae is right..start a new trend!
Ok, so with the 100 degree weather we've been dealing with..I decided to stay from RI as it being on white based cake..and decided to do gumpaste stars with little silver sparkles in center..I know ppl stated to do different colors singlely,,but it was too late by time I made these..but will know that for next time. I thought this turned out pretty and not tacky for the July 4th theme. Hope you like it!! Thanks to all for relieving my stresses!! you truly are amazing to...
Ok, thank you SOOOOO Much to all! I'm working on it!!thank you I'll post when finished..I love you guys! You are awesome and it really means a lot to me indeed!!Thank you so much as the lord is blessing me with you help to me!Jenifer
Ok , so Mckaren, you mean start off with gumpaste(white), then use the RI icing in red and teal color to top it off? Ok, so I'll try and cut a smaller V, CWR41, and try that..ALSO, how would I layer the colors you think? I understand about the softness and all, but should I layer alternating the colors? I really want to get the colors looking pretty, not tacky like that pic I just posted..SO if someone can tell me how to layer the colors , that would be
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