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high ratio shortening is a plus and helps a tremendous amount!
Anyone know any other recipes please?
GREAT! Anyone else know?Jenifer
Thank you!!
Anyone know of a great Mango, moist cake recipe? Looking for a great one please! Thanks!Jenifer
Where can I find a good deal for high ratio shortening online/store please? Thanks!Jenifer
Where is the cheapest place to buy cake dummies? ANy stores or online sites you recommend? Thanks!Jenifer
NO REFUND..customer's fault and you can tell her how you stressed to have this cake traveling on floor. One lesson I learned was ALWAYS tell customer that once cake is put into their hands and out of my sight, they are fully is very stressed. I even had customers say, "well it should be ok put here" in their car and I then reply, " I'm stressing is VERY important you know that if anything happens to this while traveling and I no longer have it, I"m...
I would do this WITHOUT the royal icing and stick with melted chocolate instead..if you can..
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