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How can I incorporate the nascar, drag racinga and bass boat for a groomscake?? Need ideas please asap! Thanks so much!Jenifer
I used to do MMF but ever since I tried Michele Fosters,,no more MMF. I LOVE Michele Foster's fondant and it's really not hard to make,,just a little more time consuming, but sooo worth it! It's awesome and all my brides love it! You really need to be accurate with recipe and try worth the time . Promise! You won't go back to MMF unless a client request that kind. Best of luck!
IT's the wilton brand for happened to me several times until I got rid of all of my wilton colors(my black turned into a nasty dark, dark green over time, and pink turned into purple) and went with americolor..never again had a problem..the light could be the problem too, ,but I did this in different lighting and STILL had the problem..
no, no , no...not a good would turn cake into a disaster..sorry..
I would NOT freeze the flowers..make them fresh and leave out as they can stay out for 2wks at least.You can freeze cakes, but wrap them securely well and put in freezer plastic bags, lay flat and freezeDefinetly silver flowers and blue ribbon. Color can bleed especially if it's hot. Good luck!
hmmmm, ok,, so almond ext and EXTRA van ext?
Does anyone know of a great, traditional wedding cake flavoring recipe? I"m not sure exactly what it is supposed to be flavored of? Butter, van? If anyone has a great recipe or know of one, can you please tell me? I'm not sure ! Thanksjenifer
I wanted to know if anyone feels like practicing cakes and if they do, what do you do with the cake itself? I want to practice and all, but I don't have many friends here yet to pass along,,and I don't have the finances to buy the dummies yet,,so what would be your suggestion? Thanks!
As soon as I bring out my cakes from oven, I let them cool for only 5 min, then I cover/seal the top with saran wrap to cool the remainder of time, and it softens up all of the edges ..I learned this trick on here a while back and love it because now, I don't have to trim much or at all..once cake is cooled completely, I flip it over and cover remainder of it with saran wrap till I use, and this works for me!
make the tubes out of fondant to set up (ahead of time) and dry then put toothpicks in and stick in cake. you can also place toothpicks in the side of cake on border where they don't show,then toothpick the tubes behind those to hold them up..(hard to explain, but hope you understand). Also you can melt some white chocolate to stick in somehow..
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