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ALSO! I looked at my favorite recipes list and cannot go past page 1,as I have a lot of recipes saved from awhile back and need that recipe back..and if I search it,,I can't remember exact details of recipe!  So frustrated!
I agree! This new updated website is blah..and really sad now..because if I want to see MY forum posts, I can look it up or MY messages,,but I don't need to see this on the home's too all over the place now and before , it was pleasant..with new posts that ppl don't like to search as it was so nice for it to be on homepage. I wish we can just go back to the same old weeks ago prior to this update..It looks like a lot of ppl are unhappy with this and would...
I don't like how the home page doesn't have topics from different decorators asking for I feel that it should be on home page for others to see right away, instead of having to dig into the site to find most recent posts.  Also, I don't like how our pics don't just pop up as it's MORE work to dig our pics to see how many viewed it and if it was favorited it at all. I don't like the new update at all :(..too hard now
Ok, great! I told bride about the glasses and is it ok to use 4 glasses and have a crystal rod in center of separator plates instead of 5 glasses? Just want to ask in case she gets only 4 as most come in 4 as a set> Will that work?Thanks for your awesome advices!!
BakingIRene: I have to get like med. thick glasses right, so they are in between heavy and light glasses? I'll do the five glasses vs 4 and yes it will be like more near the edges . I can get the clear separator plates and used that/Also, would you recommend maybe some clear foam to go on top of wine glasses and then place the separator plate on top so cake doesn't break them? Thank you!Pastrygirls: She wants the glasses to be upright, so you think I should still glue...
Ok, so I"m doing a 4 tiered squared wedding cake. The lower 2 tiers will be a 10,and 12 ", then I'm needing to put wine glasses on top, then put 2 more tiers, 8 and 6" on top of wine glasses..SO would you recommend how many glasses? 3/5 wine glasses and heavy or light wine glasses? What should i use for putting wine glasses on and on top of them for the top 2 tiers to sit on? A clear plastic one OR?? Please help!ThanksJenifer
That's great! Hmmm.. a lot of work and not sure if bride is going to pay my I may have go a little simpler..not sure yet..we'll see, but i'll try! thank you, thank you!
excellent ideas, thank you!!Pria, so maybe make a bass boat 3D and put images from magazines onto boat ? Crazy Gray: they all sound great, but I especially liked the 2nd idea,,but can't visualize how to do this exactly..SO make a 3D jeep pulling a nascar, drag car and bass boat behind and put groom at driver's side? Just not sure how to incorporate all of this? I'm not good at making ppl though...err..OR a bass boat with a nascar/ and drag car inside it maybe? So...
Can anyone help me please?! Thanks a bunch!
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