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Ok, so I'm doing the number cutouts for sure,,so needed to know how to decorate the numbers mainly? Thanks!
Ok, so I'm doing a 3D clock cake for a wedding shower, but they also want cookies that are numbered shape..yet incorporated to the clock. ANy ideas on simplicity of decorating these cookies for the wedding shower? They will numbered shaped, but ideas on decorating them? NOthing too elaborate, but cute and easy .. Thanks so much! jenifer
anyone know best way at all??   Thanks
What's the best and most safe way to ship cake pops out to friends/family? I want to do this for fun but want to make sure all stays put together whiie being shipped. Thanks! Jenifer
You can spray a wire cookie cooling rack with a little pam and press lightly into fondant for imprint.. I love this topic actually! Hope posts keep a coming for awhile.. Thanks!
Thank you! Thank you!!
Ok so as I read back on this thread, I mean't to say I used 2 cups per 1 cup of hi-ratio..but anyways, so I woke up really early stressing over this..and scraped the outer layer of frosting with no more crustiness on it..then I made a new batch of icing and iced all cakes least I had a crumb coat to speed up the it all ended up going really well!! No cracks when transporting..I just followed instructions to a "T"! I'm so blessed all of you helped me...
Ok so can I put another NEW layer over the iced cake with the correct ratio of ps with sugar? There is a board in between cakes, yes.. Thank you!
So I used high-ratio shortening and I put a 6" on top of an  8", being two tiered and as I did it, the icing started cracking big time!! WHAT??!!! WHY???? It's on a drum base so I would think sturdy enough..I'm refridgerating the cakes tonight thinking maybe too dry with heat in my house( although it's barely on!)   I used 1 cup hi-ratio, 4.5 cups sifted ps., some ext and water for correct consistency..not too runny nor thick..When I smoothed it out with hot knives...
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