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SO sorry, but it's 16" tall and 8" sorry!
Just the straight up and down,,no puffyness on top like some hats..and 6" round..
Toppers, yes, but how so? Make edible ones of this logo and cut out? Or ? thanks!
How can I fondant a tall 12" (3 layers) chef's hat easier? I can't roll out fondant big enough to cover that tall, all sides, so what's the best technique into doing this? Thanks!
How can I incorporate this design to decorate cupcakes? As toppers or using these colors of pink/white and black? Any ideas? Thanks!
I figured it out! Was happy with turnout! TFL!!
Anyone else have ideas please? Thanks so much!
How can I make my icing look like cotton candy? Any tips or ideas? Please help as this cake is due soon..Thanks so much!
Ok, I'll try that! Thank you!
Ok sounds great! So, now, the wedding shower colors are navy blue and lime green colors, so how can I incorporate those colors into my 3D shaped clock cake to make it look elegant? I can't find an idea to make it look nice and not tacky!! Please help asap! BTW: there will be 2 red hearts in middle of clock somewhere, that they want..too.   Thanks so much!
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