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I want to make this cake,,but can anyone tell me how to do the hair on it and how to piece it together by pan sizes, please? Thanks!
Oh it lays more even..gotcha..ok..thank you..I'll try this..
I was thinking of just attaching them individually on the side , corner to corner, BUT if I do the blk squares really thin, you think that it will look flush enough? That way it can be sharper than rolling it on? I kind of understand the upside down advice..but kind of don't..:/ hmmm....
What is the best way to put blk and white checkered fondant on side of a round cake? Should I checker it on counter then roll out slighty together OR put each and every square on sides? I want it to be flush to cake , yet want a sharp look on squares. What's the best method or tutorial? Thanks!
What I did was use either color gel and paint on the pops with a  very fine paintbrush OR you can melt candy melts and paint that on.
Thank you soooo much for that thread and pics..That is awesome!
Can you PM the instructions on how you did this please, asap. Thank you soooo much and your boots look fantastic..
Can you please tell me how to make a cowboy boot 3D with cake ? I am doing this and will be fondanting it also.   THanks! Jenifer
Anyone have a tutorial on how to make a mini firetruck out of fondant/gumpaste? Thanks!
Ok great! Thank you!
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