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Oh, maybe I can find some metallic liners then, in color though! Right??
Maybe I"ll use gold ribbon  since I'm doing seashells (cream and beige colored ) and cupcakes are beige iced..OR would silver look better? I don't know ! I can't figure out how to incorporate all of this..
Ok thanks! Anyone else have any suggestions maybe..I know weird with them together! Thanks!
this lady is doing a white linen for cake table, navy linens at tables and turquoise linens at food table..and theme is seashells. I'm doing  100 cupcakes on a stand but needed to know ASAP on what colors I should make cupcake liners and ribbon on edges of cupcake stand please? Navy and turquoise has me mixed up on how to make this look good. I' need to know asap please , if anyone can help me??Thanks so much! Jenifer  
like swipes going up and down in all directions..
Ok thanks to everyone..ill figure it out
I'm doing just a small wedding cake , 8" , 4" tall, and I'm putting 4 calla lilies on top , yellow and purple ,and wondered what's the best rustic look you think for this ? There is 3 styles( up and down swipes; side swipes; OR just that rough look texture with swipes in all directions) ..What would look best with these lilies? Thanks!
What about doubleing up the tiers from 14,12, and 10" to make them 6" tall vs only 4" tall?
anyone know please?? Thanks!
What size round pans should I use to feed 250 pans with only being 3 tiers please? I'm think 16",14",12" that correct? Thanks!
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