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Thank you everyone for your advices! Crazy-gray, I can't open link for the fairy castle :(   AZCouture: do you have a pic of the silly looking small castle at all ?   Thanks again and I'd like to make the towers on side maybe with ice-cream cones so I don't invest too much money into this and make it easiest? Is that possible yet still look nice?  
I have a request for cake to feed only 5ppl but told client it has to be minimum 12 ppl for 6" pan, only 1 tiered. What's the easiest way or best method to make this work and easiest to use for the cones  off to side and on cake? I want to make this very simple but look nice! This is soo small as I tried to get her to do bigger, but not happening, yet want to do this for her! PLease help on ideas ..want this to look nice!  Thanks so much!
Thanks but I forgot to state this will be a 8" single tier! So sorry! Any other ideas please? Thanks!
  Hello everyone!  I was asked to do a cake to incorporate this design but I wanted it to look unique( not just a drawing/edible image) so does anyone have any ideas how to make this one a cute one ? Thanks so much! Jenifer
Ok great! Thanks so much!
Can you please tell me how to make these out of fondant( the gray ones in 2nd pic closed rose look), and the white first pic..   .
anyone know ?? Thanks!
This one lady stated that someone had this amazing cherry nut filling recipe for cake and wondered if anyone has a great recipe for this at all? I googled but didn't find anything..Thanks so much!
Ok, I'll will do that then I think! Thanks so much!
Does white/beige  cupcake liners sound ok, with beige icing and seashells, then maybe alternate navy and turquoise ribbon on round tiers? She definetly wants the colors incorporated into cupcake stand. Thanks!
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