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I've never used fondant a lot for anything but decoration/figurines. I usually use crusting buttercream. But my best friend asked me to make her baby shower cake, and she likes fondant. I decided to try Satin Ice, since I've read so many good things about it. Boy was that a mistake. Its been a nightmare. The first round was ruined when it got stuck to the counter. I had combined 2 colors to make a giraffe pattern, so I couldnt even reuse it. The second time I tried to...
I recently found an article about this.
How ironic that I had this exact situation a few weeks ago for the exact celebration. I couldn't think of anything appropriate, so I bowed out of the challenge. I commend you for tackling such a rough topic and trying to bring happiness to someone struggling so hard with the cards life has dealt her.
Yes, you read it right. I've been asked if I can come up with a cake to celebrate the customer's friend getting released from county jail after serving two weeks for a DUI conviction. Its kinda disturbed sounding, but he says its all in good fun. Any ideas with a getting out of jail theme?
This is what the church looks like.
I'm making a cake for my annual church picnic. I want to make a replica of our sanctuary building. I'm assuming I will carve a stack of rectangular cakes to form the shape of the building, but the roof of the building extends beyond the walls into an awning over the garden. Any ideas on what to use to make the roof? Can I get fondant to dry flat and lay it over the top of the cake without it falling off or breaking off at the ends? Maybe rice krispie or sugar cookie...
I attending a wedding recently and ate the yummiest cake. I want to add it to my collection of recipes and I'm hoping someone has made something similar before. It was white cake with a strawberry creamy filling that had white chocolate shavings/pieces in it. Anyone ever done something like this before?
Looks a little moldy. haha Thanks for the laugh.
I'm doing a chocolate cake and want to do chocolate lace over it. I'd like to use whipped cream icing, but I'm afraid that it might not be thick enough and won't stick to the cake. Does everyone use buttercream for cornelli lace?
I love to create cakes based off someone's hobby or an inside joke I have with them. When brainstorming about what our friend is into and really enjoys....all we could come up with is her unending need to clean clean clean!! Her husband suggested a vacuum shaped cake. I'm thinkin that might be a little hard. Any other suggestions??
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