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I am thinking about redoing my kitchen. Does anyone have a great layout for a cake kitchen? I have about 180 - 200 sq ft. I just need something to get started!
Thank you ! Now I can start my wish list!
I want to know what you Cake Central folks would recomend I look for if/when I were to buy a new range for my kitchen. I want to buy something that will work best for my cakes.
I got a mold that makes a person. 3 two sided sections- legs, arms, torso/head. When I put the fondant and or gum paste in it and take it out the seems are rough. That is my first problem. Then how do you put it together and make it look good? What about dressing her? I want to put a dress on her. Do i do that before I try to put her together?
Thank you so much! I have a cake for a special 5 year old girl next weekend. I want everything to be perfect!
I have been looking at cakes with matching cakeboards. What are you using to decorate cake boards? It looks like scrapbook paper and ribbon to me. If that is it..... it looks easy, do you put a finish or coating on it?
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