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I had an Epson and it did a very good job at first but as was mentioned before it must be used on a regular basis to keep it running good. I did not use mine very often so therefore it clogged and as much as I tried never could get it to print right again.
Hope someone can help. I am needing a light turquoise buttercream and have no idea where to start with mixing colors! Please help! Thanks in advance. RosieC
Congratulations! Sounds wonderful!
Is is ok to and can anyone share pics of cakes you've done that you have mixed vodka or flavoring to the gel icing colors to paint on crusting buttercream? Thanks! RosieC
Awe, you are a wonderful grandma! Cute story!
Thanks so much!
Wow...I can't wait to try the Saran Wrap trick...I've always only used gumpaste with mine as the fondant was such a mess sticking in it. Thanks everyone for the response...can't wait to buy some of those clickstix too!
I totally understand your grief. I had a girl come up to me Thurs wanting a cake for her daughter the next day! I had to tell her no as I need at least a week notice. Working full time and going home and making a last minute cake is not in the cards!
Recipes for ganache call for heavy heavy whipping cream the same thing? It's the only thing I can find.
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