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I'm making an oven/stove-shaped cake and am trying to decide what the dimentions should be. I'm hoping to use 7" or 8" square pans or somewhere around that size, but I'm not sure about the height of the cake. Has anyone made a stove cake before, and how did you make it believable in terms of the ratios? What size did you use, and what height did you make it (with and without the piece in the back that has the oven controls)? It needs to feed at least 20-30 servings....
What is your favorite gold luster dust to mix with vodka/lemon juice and paint with on fondant? I'm looking for that clean gold look, rather than something too yellow or bronze. Any suggestions for specific products?
I also use the green Makins clay extruder, and I believe that Michaels craft stores now carry it. I bought mine online, but I think the price at Michaels is quite reasonable. After I opened it, I noticed it was lubricated with something, so I washed it and disinfected it really good, and lubricated it with crisco shortening. Great for cake decorating
KoryAK, to you add the tylose right before you want to use it or do you have to let it rest for a certain period of time?
Do I need to buy a special fluid to clean out my airbrush, or can I just use water?
Thank you thank you! I will be sure to transport carefully! And hot glue sounds like it will hold better than icing or white craft glue. I'm definitely going to try this.
I like the idea of having a space beneath the cake, however, I was hoping to achieve the illusion of this by cutting the foam core small enough so that it can't be seen when looking at the cake directly.
Yes, I used piping gel and it worked great!
Thank you all for your help! I was very pleased with the final results! I used mostly 4 mm dragees with a few 6 mm to give it more dimension. I ended up using about 1 1/2 boxes of 4 mm dragees I ordered from GSA (2 lbs. per box)!!
I am doing a fire truck cake and want to make it raised so it appears like it's resting on the wheels. I would like to know if it's possible to elevate the cake by just placing foam core board between the cake base and the board the cake will actually sit on? In my forum search it seems that many suggest including dowels behind each wheel that are directly screwed into the cake base. Is this necessary? Would it be sturdy enough with just the foam core board? Also, what...
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