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I have on my website "up to 4 including themselves and no children under 12" for their complimentary consultation. I reiterate this in my appt reminder email and also ask how many will be at our meeting. It's worked perfectly up until recently. I was told four would be attending and in walks the groom's best man with his 2 year old. No explanation. Did they think I wouldn't notice???? What do you do when that happens? Do you really look at them and ask who is going...
i agree and so did the other guests. i can't think of anyway that this bride will be able to feed her guests cake on $75. even if she made it herself ingredients would be more than that for 4 tiers. sad case of not managing your wedding budget very well.
kinda looks like individual boa feathers to me
Oh yes! Splash of: Amaretto for White Almond, Coconut Rum for Pina Colada, Gold Tequila for Margarita, Vodka for painting, Tequila Rose for Strawberries & Cream, Grand Marnier for Dreamsicle, just to name a few.
so happy for you leah!! congratulations
crazy isn't it? this recently happened to me as well. the bride even wrote a nice comment about me and her cake on FB and WW but didn't give me 5 stars. bugged the heck out of me for a good week but i just chalk it up to the fact that some people just don't believe in perfect scores. your cake is flippin awesome so i wouldn't worry anymore about it
i'm taking a guess...but it's probably okay for me as i do not charge for my tastings so it's not like i'm selling alcohol??? maybe if it's complimentary it's okay? right now i give them a small bottle of water too. i'd check into it with the proper authorities before i did it tho.
i roll my tylosed fondant out thin and in a strip leave it to dry out a bit-at least 20 min, before i cut them out. that is the main key. cut against a flat cornstarched hard surface and not a silicone mat. then i just smack the cutter against the table or over my mat and out they fly! hth
great info being given here...particularly southerncross' champagne suggestion
I agree with tracycakes. it's very important have pictures of cakes that you have done but it's also helpful to have some books, cake magazines for further inspiration. i too have cake dummies to play with which everybody really loves to do. ask them to bring the invitation and photos of her dress to possibly incorporate some of those elements into the cake design. I agree it's kinda hard when you feel like you have to "pull" info out of the bride but I just go slow and...
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