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I don't think I would want to use "meat fats" in my buttercream!
How about clear drink cups with lids. Maybe a grocery or supply house would donate them.
When I made my Tangled cake, I used a PVC pipe for the tower. I covered it with piping gel and then fondant.
Hi Meg,I only feel qualified to help you with the string part of your question. I've made two guitar cakes, but nothing as detailed as the one you pictured. To make the strings, I loosened up some fondant with a lot of Crisco. I fed it through my extruder. I used the disc with the small holes, but I covered the disk with aluminum foil so that only two holes were open. That way when I fed out the strings, I could keep them straight and separated so they wouldn't stick...
Here is a tiny 6" castle cake I made to go along with cupcakes for my great-niece's birthday. The towers were fondant wrapped around paper towel rolls with ice cream cone turrets. I thought for its size and lack of detail, it turned out pretty cute. The cake itself is buttercream.
I love Indydebi's bc. It crusts beautifully, and I never refrigerate it. Here's a link to the recipe: have a 5.5 qt. Cuisinart mixer, and I always double the recipe to fill my mixer.
Use the recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa can. I add one more cup of powdered sugar.
Your icing might have some lumps that won't go through the little holes...
I made one in Nov. for my grandson and used fondant/tylose for the sails. I rolled them really thin, applied a little texture, and dried them over some mugs and containers. Here's a link:
I don't think it would be a problem. I would just lower the temp to 325 and have at it.
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